Warning: Don’t use CBD Oils…It’s not worth risking your Job

Host Drivers,

CBD oil is the “new thing” in pain relief management.  Even soccer moms on Facebook are singing the praises and benefits of CBD oil.  However, manufacturers of CBD oil don’t necessarily follow the same protocols in their production, and you cannot trust that THC (the chemical that results in a positive drug test) is not in their product.  It is also important to note that some manufacturers may be calling a product CBD oil that isn’t actually CBD oil.

Commercial drivers licenses are administered over by the FMCSA.  With the FMCSA, a positive or negative result is just that, no matter what was taken to give the positive result.  It is black and white.  Even the amounts of THC in hemp based CBD oil can show a positive in a random drug test and can end your career.  The FMCSA is recommending commercial drivers not use CBD oil, and reportedly will be banning the use of CBD oil by commercial drivers by summers end.

As a company, ECT advises against using CBD oil.  If you use it, and receive a positive drug test result, you will lose your job and you will go on file with the FMCSA as having a drug test failure.



Also, it is important to be aware, especially as we are traveling in Colorado this summer, be careful of edibles and other products that may be given to you that could contain THC. Products can be baked goods, soda’s, Candy’s and more. Never trust anything given to you by anyone!