Turn Off A/C When Leaving the Shop

Host Drivers,

Below is an actual photograph of 1012 and 1014 leaving the bus yard the other day.  I will not name the drivers in order to not embarrass them any further.  This horrific dust storm was caused by the air conditioning systems being run as the coaches were driving down the driveway to depart on a trip.

In all seriousness, please turn off your bus air as you depart and arrive at the yard.  The dust gets not only your bus (and glass) dirty, but it damages the condenser fan motors (which as you know will fail on a trip, not at home, leaving you without A/C at the most inconvenient time possible), gets every other bus and building in the area dirty, and gets your own vehicles parked along the fence dirty. You can leave the overhead blowers on and your drivers air, but shut off the passenger air until you are out on the pavement.  Thank you so much!

We understand how busy it has been and how hard our host driver team has been working, along with our support staff.  We are working on sprucing the buses back up and prepping them for the busy season that is approaching!  We are in our slow time for a few weeks, so catch up on the honey do lists, spend some time with your families and get some rest, because the busy season will be back upon us very soon!