Safety & Equipment

Module 1 Orientation Videos/Dash Control and Engine Diagrams
Unit 1 Orientation Series: Hill Descent
Unit 2 Orientation Series: Avoiding Damage When Backing
Unit 3 Orientation Series: How To "Dump" Your Bus Tank
Unit 4 Orientation Series: Climbing a Steep Grade
Unit 5 Orientation Series: Using Fuel Card at a Truck Stop
Unit 6 Orientation Series: How To Keep Your Bus Looking Fresh on Multi Day Trips
Unit 7 Orientation Series: Operating Roof Hatches
Unit 8 Orientation Series: DVD & Satellite systems in Prevost Motorcoach
Unit 9 Orientation Series: Bus 1003 Bluetooth Tutorial
Unit 10 Orientation Series: The REI Series Wireless Microphone Receiver
Unit 11 Orientation Series: Prevost Entertainment System 12V REI DVD Player
Unit 12 Orientation Series: Welcome Aboard Script
Unit 13 Orientation Series: Staying Awake While Driving
Unit 14 Engine Compartment and Electrical Compartment Diagrams for Prevost H3 Coaches
Unit 15 Orientation Series: Tailswing Awareness
Unit 16 Getting Teenage Groups To Help You Keep Your Bus Clean
Module 2 Samsara Tutorial
There are no units in this module.
Module 3 Safety & Equipment
Unit 1 Fire Extinguisher Tutorial
Unit 2 Fire Extinguisher Tutorial Quiz
Unit 3 National Sleep Foundation White Paper on Drowsy Driving
Unit 4 Some Medications Can Affect Your Driving
Unit 5 Drowsy Driving and Medication Effects on Driving QUIZ
Module 4 Jacobs Brake Use
Unit 1 Jacobs Brake use
Unit 2 Jacobs Brake Quiz
Module 5 Prevost Equipment
Unit 1 Prevost Wheel Chair Lift Safety and Equipment
Unit 2 Prevost Wheel Chair Lift Safety and Equipment | QUIZ
Module 6 Ford Cutaway Equipment
Unit 1 Orientation Series: How to Operate the Jensen Entertainment System in Turtle Top
Module 7 Safety and Equipment Course Feedback
Unit 1 Safety and Equipment Course Feedback FORM
Unit 2 Safety and Equipment Finalization
Module 8 Temsa Familiarization
There are no units in this module.