Please DO NOT Reset WiFi Routers in the Buses

Host Drivers,

There is an old saying that goes like this, “The road to bad guest service is filled with good intentions”.

As a host driver, those of you at the top of your game understand the importance of taking initiative and dealing with problems that may arise on your trips to help your guests.  Amenities such as Wifi, microphones, DVD players, etc…, from time to time decide to be lazy and not work for a variety of reasons.

Wifi on the buses can be very temperamental.  It depends on cell phone towers, properly functioning cellular antennas and routers.

While restarting a router may help it work if it is having trouble, I can guarantee you that if you factory reset the router (pressing the reset button on the side of the router with a paperclip/pen tip, etc…), you will make things worse.  When the router is factory reset, it erases the network name and password and takes them back to factory defaults, which are a huge pain to deal with on a mobile device.  Factory default network names and passwords can be found in the insanely small print on the side of your router.

If your wifi isn’t working, and you know you have Sprint Cellular Coverage, just unplug the router for a couple of minutes, plug it back in and see what happens.  Don’t reset it!  If that doesn’t work, call DAN!