Parking on the Lines

Lines, Lines, Everywhere There’s Lines…

Host Drivers!  Something you may have noticed between when you left last week and when you returned are lines in the parking spaces again!  We realize it has been a while since we have had lines in our parking spots that went the full length of the bus, were straight, etc…  This is a kind reminder that when you nose into a parking spot, make sure the passenger side of the bus is on the right line.  If you back in, make sure the driver side is on the left line.  This ensures that there is always consistent space between our coaches in case they become political and start leaning to the left or the right.  There are enough spaces now for all but one motor coach.  The last space in the corner of the front lot next to the mini buses that is painted for mini bus is now a motor coach spot.  Please only nose into that spot.  Again, do not back into that spot.  We prefer for you to nose into all front spots when returning from trips.  If you are the lucky last one to the party and the parking spots are full, park on the wash pad.

Also, just a reminder that host driver parking is along the fence line.  We are working to make sure customer RV’s and buses are not in your way for parking on the weekends.  The first 5 or 6 drivers can back against the side fence, then the rest can parallel park.

Thank you all!  Safe travels!