Now Staging Mini Buses at the Front Lot

Host Drivers,

In order to help relieve congestion on the back parking lot, as well as to make things simpler for you, we are going to start staging mini buses on the front lot.  Please return them to the front lot when you return from your trips.  We do not want mini buses parked in the back lot.  We have installed a mail box for pre trip damage reports on the fence beside the gate so that you won't have to come back to the office before your departure!  Please continue to park your personal vehicles along the fence in the driver parking area.  You can also park in the spaces next to the buildings.  In the area along the fence that is next to the gate on Vail Pkwy, you can actually park traditionally instead of parallel style.  This will allow several more cars to park along the fence line and out of the way of the coaches.

When you return from trips, use your gate openers, come to the back lot, throw your trash away into the dumpster, then drive up and park the bus in the front lot.  Feel free to nose your bus in instead of backing in.  There are 2 mini bus specific places on either end of the row of parking spots.  If you have a trailer and the big spots are full, you can nose in beside the trailers on the opposite fence.

We hope this makes things a little simpler for you all!

Thank you all!