New Host Driver Booking Software Is Coming Soon!!!

Host Drivers,

We wanted to give you an update on the trip booking software that we were originally looking to launch on July 15.

We are excited that the initial version was completed on time.  However, as we started testing the software, we found a few issues that we wanted to address before it goes live because of the impact that it has on your lives and livelihood.  

If you have an apple product, and you are like me (Aaron), you don’t do the iOS updates when they come out.  I wait until at least the first or second “update” is available.  Do you remember a few years ago when you would type on the iPhone and the letters would change to symbols?  If you google “apple iOS update fails”, it brings up pages and pages of articles and fixes and how to deal with issues created by the updates.






We want to avoid creating headaches for you all as much as possible!  We have been testing the new software in house for over a week.  We are looking for every possible issue we can think of that might cause confusion, and putting the software to the test.  If it passes, great.  If it doesn’t, we contact the engineer and software developer and make them fix it.  We are doing our updates internally so that our initial product is excellent and its utilization is flawless!  

This has resulted in our new host driver booking software not “hitting the street” as quickly as we announced, but we know that the delays will result in a better product being developed!

We are working daily with our team to make sure everything is right!

***Your host driver requests will be sent to the email address that is registered to your host driver portal account.  If you don’t normally check that email address, or if you would like to utilize a different email address, please email “” to make the office aware of the change.***

As we talked about in a recent blogpost, late July and August are generally slow months for us.  Our shop and support staff are in the process of showing our buses some love before we hit our full stride in September.  Get your vacation time in and your honey do’s done, because  we are booked heavier for the fall than we were at this time last year, and Lord Willing, it will be getting busier and busier!