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Eagle Updates

Host Drivers,

Many of you are aware of the “TSS” system we are utilizing here at ECT.  TSS allows us to create and maintain records electronically, which makes processing data and paperwork much more efficient.  It also allows us to standardize safety training, orientation and more!

We will be implementing TSS more and more in the months to come.

This blog post tool is one of the features we will be utilizing as we move forward in sharing information with you all.  We will be sharing more tips and safety information with you all through TSS, and will be creating videos of our quarterly safety meetings on TSS for our host drivers that are working other jobs during the day or are out on runs during our meetings!

There are also training and continuing education courses that we will be making available to you for you to complete so you can continue to develop your skills and knowledge.  Completion of these training courses will be taken into consideration for your pay raises!

We are excited about the future!

We also wanted to make you aware that our shop team has been addressing the issues you have been writing down!

We have repaired several AC Blower motors, as well as replaced several bathroom fans.

006 just received new headlights, as well as some new major components on the AC system, and a new steering wheel!

We have fixed the video power issues in 009, have replaced batteries in many of the wireless mic systems, have been working on seat covers, roof leaks, reinstalling and replacing bad seat track covers and more!

Dakota and his team have been working very hard not only to keep our coaches in top mechanical condition, but also to keep fixing the amenities that you, our host drivers, report to us.

You all are doing a wonderful job! Please keep referring your friends and family members that you feel would be a good fit for our host driver team! We have hired several new host drivers in recent days, but are always looking for more high quality people!!!

Please be careful and stay focused on safety and preventing bus damage as we are in our busy season and you all are working hard!  Be sure to get proper rest and stay hydrated as summer time temps are fast approaching!