Host-Drivers, Be Cautious In West Virginia!

Host Drivers,

Many of you will be heading to West Virginia next week to run shuttles for the Boy Scout Jamboree.  Please stay alert and use caution as there has been much rain in the area and your shifts will run most of the day.  Be aware of slick ground, make sure you aren’t cutting your turns short and be extra cautious as you will be one of many buses from all over the country helping host scouts from around the world!   Remember, if you get a bus stuck and a tow is required, that expense must be covered through the daily non-damage bonus, so be aware of the condition of the ground on which you are driving!

Remember, with rain and camp terrain, things can go wrong quickly.  Be careful as always, and enjoy the beauty of the mountains!

The following pics are posts by other drivers from other companies (they aren’t host drivers like you all!) currently working the front end of this event.