Hill Training Day August 22

Host Drivers,

We will be having an optional Mountain Driving Training Day on Thursday, August 22nd.  We will be departing ECT around 10:00 AM.

This is not a paid training, but for those of you wanting to advance in our driving program, as well as those of you wanting to improve your skill level, this is a great opportunity for you.

We will be going to Monteagle.  We will work on hill climbing and descent-which gear should you use to climb, which gear should you use to descend, how to descend with minimal to no use of the brakes, how to be smooth in the climb, curves and descents, etc…

You will get hands on driving time on this day.  You will get at least one ascent and descent, but likely more.

Bring lunch money.  We will eat at the Wendy’s at the Pilot truck stop-unless you all want to go to the Smokehouse Buffet.  We can make that decision later!

Email aaron@eaglechristiantours.com and let me know if you plan on attending!