Fuel Truck

Host Drivers,

We always appreciate initiative when it comes to doing your job with excellence!  It shows great character when you go above and beyond what is expected!  However, we do have one area in which we need to make sure you steer clear: The Fuel Truck.  Please do not fill your bus from the fuel truck unless specifically instructed to do so one specific time by management, or our mechanical staff.  If you fear you do not have enough fuel for your trip, and it is after hours, stop at Quick Trip in Adairsville on the way out of town (or at the Circle K off of 53) if you are headed east.  There are other mom and pop stops with truck pumps in the other directions.  Normally, even if the tank isn’t full, we will make sure it has enough for the first leg of your journey, or will let you know if you need to leave early to get fuel on the way to your pickup.  The fuel truck can be finicky, and if it runs out of fuel while you are fueling, or is out of fuel, and the pump gets run while the truck is “dry”, it can damage the pump.  Thank you!