ELD Videos Being Reviewed

Host Drivers,

We have some of the highest skilled host drivers in the bus industry driving our coaches!  One of the things that helps make ECT better than the competition, and something that keeps us growing, is our commitment to excellence and service.  Your skills as a driver have an enormous impact on the quality of the trip and service that not only Eagle Christian Tours provides, but that you provide as well.

As professionals, it should be our desire to be the best host for our guests, as well as the best drivers.  We have noticed recently that our wear and tear on some parts has been increasing, so we are looking at ways to improve our skills as to save money on maintenance costs, as well as to keep the buses performing at top levels, especially when it comes to brake components.

As you are aware, the dash cams on our coaches provide video clips when a hard brake, hard acceleration or hard cornering event occurs.  I am going to be actively reviewing these videos weekly and will be contacting you if I feel there is something I can offer or if a correction needs to be made.  I realize that there are circumstances outside of your control, but some small adjustments can make some big differences when it comes to safety and comfort.  We have one driver that averages 1 hard brake event every 2300 miles.  We have others that are averaging 1 event every 300 miles.  We all need to aspire to that 2300 number and then improve from there!

Thank you for your service and commitment to ECT!  Thank you for your service and commitment to our guests.  You truly make a difference!