CVSA International Roadcheck Emphasis June 4-6

Host Drivers,

Please click on the attached link.  This week many of the road check spots on the highways that are normally empty will be occupied by the CVSA as they do their safety blitz June 4-6.

All of your paperwork is correct in your coach.  You need to make sure all of your logs are up to date and correct (IFTA Sheets, Inspection Reports, Form Information Entered, etc…).

As Soffie pointed out in one of our quarterly meetings last year, if you are well dressed, neat and well groomed, have your drivers area clear of clutter and trash and no empty energy drink bottles around, your inspection will go smoother and quicker.  If you appear unkempt and disorganized, things will take longer. Remember,  inspectors are trained to pass quickly through the organized trucks and coaches and focus on the dirty, disorganized ones.

I want to give a mention to Daniel Hester, as well as Dakota and Logan.  This past weekend, the DOT was set up at Hershey Park inspecting coaches.  They had put 5 or 6 out of service, and those coach companies had road side service trucks out trying to fix their violations so they could take their groups home later in the day.

When they inspected our coach and Daniels paperwork and logs, they said the bus was one of the best kept buses they had seen that day, and they said Daniel had done an excellent job keeping his logs current.  The only thing they found on our bus was a missing sticker on a window that needed one.

If you get chosen to be inspected, be professional and respectful.