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Archive for July 2019

Host-Drivers, Be Cautious In West Virginia!

Host Drivers, Many of you will be heading to West Virginia next week to run shuttles for the Boy Scout Jamboree.  Please stay alert and use caution as there has been much rain in the area and your shifts will run most of the day.  Be aware of slick ground, make sure you aren’t cutting…

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New Host Driver Booking Software Is Coming Soon!!!

Host Drivers, We wanted to give you an update on the trip booking software that we were originally looking to launch on July 15. We are excited that the initial version was completed on time.  However, as we started testing the software, we found a few issues that we wanted to address before it goes…

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It’s the Little Things That Can Make All The Difference!

Host Drivers, Per driver input, we  are excited to announce that we are in the process of adding funnels with tubes on them to make adding anti freeze to the Prevost’s easier and also to help prevent coolant showers!  Please be sure not to leave them laying on the ground after using them.  Return them…

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Turn Off A/C When Leaving the Shop

Host Drivers, Below is an actual photograph of 1012 and 1014 leaving the bus yard the other day.  I will not name the drivers in order to not embarrass them any further.  This horrific dust storm was caused by the air conditioning systems being run as the coaches were driving down the driveway to depart…

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Learn from the Mistakes of Others

Host Drivers, It is best to learn not from our mistakes, but from the mistakes of others.  We share these pics not to pick on another company or driver, but as a reminder to be careful in tight situations and to make sure you understand how quickly a situation can turn bad.  Evaluate your routes,…

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New Dumpster & Location

Host Drivers: We wanted to let you know we now have a larger dumpster, and it has been relocated near the main entrance against the fence, near where the new Host Driver Support Building is located.  This new location should prevent further damage to the concrete in front of our shop, and is more centrally…

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